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Monday, October 12, 2009

Press Release and Documentary Teaser

The following is press release by Ryan English, originally published in the 24 Hours of LeMons forums (10.12.09). Original post is here.

Team Unintended Acceleration
We're back, we're BAD, and we're in HD

Gone but not forgotten. Twas a sad day on Thursday, June 25, 2009 when the King of Pop, Michael Jackson died. Known for their compassionate driving, Team Unintended Acceleration will be bringing an encore of the Life, Love, and Victory of Michael Jackson to the 2009 YeeHaw It’s Texas Lemons race at MSR Houston. Co-Driven by the #1 Smooth Criminal himself, we will all get to re-live the good and bad times. The fashion fads and botched plastic surgery. Random exotic animals. Flaming Pepsi sponsorship. Lover not a Fighter. It’s Black or White….yeah yeah yeah. Saturday will start out in Jackson’s early years with our original black paint job, but the planned (and unplanned) plastic surgeries which occur through the initial hours of racing along with a dramatic, and secretive skin-whitening process you will see an entirely new side of Jackson mx-5 racing on Sunday.

Prepare to be amazed by Team Unintended Acceleration’s proven driving skills, glitter gloves, moonwalks, babies held precariously, random “heeeehe!” and crotch grabbing. Judges will even get to re-enact the contoversial trial as Michael pleads his case for the $500 Miata. Their Honors alongside chief prosecutor Jay Lamm will poke and prod, pick holes in our case, and analyze the evidence after which they will get to “brand” our car with a “CONVICTED” or ACQUITTED” verdict.

Be sure to check out our HD Teaser Video:

Team Unintended Acceleration

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