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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Race Week!

Bill, Mark, and Ryan complete final prep work on MJ Miata.

The team has rallied over the last couple of weeks and for the first time ever, we have finished the cars on time! There has even been providential help in the form of a medical miracle, which allowed Bill Fluhr to stay in Austin for the two weeks prior to the race, as well as the blessing of the team captain losing his job, which has allowed him to devote more time to the race effort. If our team continues to be this charmed over the race weekend, this will surely prove to be the greatest 24 Hours of LeMons ever!

New Theme

Jackie and Eric work on the 90's new 90's theme.

One of the remarkable things about finishing on time is that Jackie suggested a theme change for the Audi 90 at the 11th hour. I didn't think that it could be pulled-off properly in less than two weeks, but I also didn't want to discourage her participation and personal investment in the team. So, we let her go for it and thanks to her vision, leadership, and hard work...she has done it! The Audi is now the "I Love the 90's 90." Each body panel is devoted to a year of pop-culture from that decade and the dummy from the last theme will become a new character, which I will keep secret for now.

Speaking of secrets, we have a couple of surprises set for BS judging. If you can't join us for judging on Friday, we will try to have photos and video posted by Friday night.

Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Click on the Facebook icon on our home page and become a fan of the team! The Facebook fan page is the center of our team communication. Any team updates made here on our blog site will be updated (linked) to the Facebook fan page, but all live updates made from the track will go to the Facebook page only. There will also be exclusive photo content on the Facebook fan page. For those of you who prefer to follow us on Twitter, we now have an account and all of our Facebook updates will push to Twitter.

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