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Friday, October 9, 2009

Two Weeks Until 2009 Yee-Haw!

Two weeks. TWO weeks. Actually, some of us are leaving for the race in 13 days and the cage isn't done on the Miata. It also doesn't have a dash, gauges, a seat, harnesses, a fire extinguisher, or a steering wheel for that matter. The radio isn't installed, the camera isn't installed, and the theme isn't finished. What, me worry?

Smooth Criminal

Speaking of theme, though it isn't finished, the Michael Jackson tribute theme is coming along nicely. The dummy is almost done and looks better than I had even hoped. There is a red vinyl interpretation of the "Beat It" jacket on the hood of the car, and I have almost finished the phony vanity plates. We will affix new plates for each of the three days at the track: BEAT IT, THRILLR, and another that has yet to be decided.

Our documentary effort is looking good, too. Jim Shields has already filmed a Wednesday Work Night and has a teaser trailer almost ready to go. More good news is that my pal Charles Braden (a good photographer in his own right) will be at the track on Saturday and I will be lending him the new D90 so he can shoot B-roll footage. Also, we have a new HD video camera coming that should give us in-car footage for the entire race, something we haven't been able to do in the past.

New racing radios designed to keep us out of trouble.

Wait, did I say something about radios? That's right, we secured a deal with Shawn Olsen to provide the team with very nice racing radio systems from Sampson Racing Communications. Each driver will get a helmet system with built-in microphone, there are two spotter systems with noise-canceling techmology, and each car gets a radio with an external antenna and a push-to-talk button for the driver. This is a very nice piece of kit and we are grateful to Shawn. Our fans can thank Shawn by going to the website of his store, Skandinavia Contemporary Interiors, and buying some furniture.

Jimmy "I'm Bad" Pribble

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