Countdown: The Last Checkered Flag

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Final Countdown

Last night was a mad flurry of last-minute activity. Bill got into town and true to his nature, jumped into work with both feet. Halfway through the evening, we suffered a potentially major setback - we finally saw the spare wheels that had been delivered from Florida and realized that they were not the 15" wheels we needed, but rather useless 14" wheels. Some quick thinking by Ken and we found another set of wheels at the last minute. Disaster averted. Ken and I still managed to get into a fight, but by the end of the night, the team had pulled together as a single unified...uh, unit.

Anyway, we decided that our loud exhaust was too much at risk of getting busted, so we cut it off and welded on a real muffler (with a turn-down, just for good measure). We ended the night with a team meeting and Ryan and I were finally able to surprise everyone with the team t-shirts.

This is probably my last post before the race on Saturday. I will TRY to do live updates from the race via iPhone. They will probably be very cryptic, but they should contain our overall condition and position in the race. Wish us luck; as a friend of mine pointed-out, that is probably the single best resource to have in a race like this.


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