Countdown: The Last Checkered Flag

Friday, October 17, 2008

24 HoL: Friday Inspection and Practice

Tech Inspectors check our work.

We had a great day today. Ryan, Lily and I got to the track early and secured one of the last covered paddock spaces. That score alone will change our entire weekend. After the car arrived in the afternoon, we flew through tech inspection (with only one minor fix that we had to make), and then we went through the BS Judging.

Jay Lamm has a good laugh at our phony paperwork.

We tried to put-off the BS Judging, because our legitimate paperwork was with Jackie and wouldn't be at the track until the next day. But they said we had to go through, so I showed Jay some made-up spreadsheet and Ryan showed him the "Before" photos from this blog and we got through clean - no bribes given.

After we got through the BS Judging, we started to cycle drivers out on the track for practice. Everyone did really well learning the new track and we all ended-up within a couple of seconds of each other's times. We also got to practice driver changes, which seemed like they were taking a long time, but which were only taking a minute and a half.

Most interesting was how Eric has been preaching about driving conservatively, yet in the practice event (not even the real race), we saw him get the red mist and drive like a maniac to catch some vehicle called the Crapsman Racing Truck! Ryan caught him on video passing two other cars down the front straight as well. Conservative - sure.

Eric heads-out to scare people.

Sorry for the short update, but I'm off to get some sleep. The race begins tomorrow and so will the cryptic updates to this blog. Stay tuned!

Jalopnik also has good coverage of this race.


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