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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We're In!

I just got the email today announcing that we have been accepted into the 24 hours of LeMons! I'm not sure if that is good news or not...yet. But, it is another excuse that has vanished...I mean, a barrier that has been overcome!

Jimmy towing the 90 to the Audi dealership.

A couple of weeks ago, we eliminated another potentially major barrier by taking the car to the dealership and having it aligned. Despite having frame damage front and rear, Ken was able to get the car into acceptable alignment specs, so we lost that excuse to bail out of the race.

Ken aligning the 90.

Then we had a moment of discouragement, when the whole endeavor just seemed a little too overwhelming. But, the team pulled back together, recommitted to the project, and resolved to be more organized. Since then we have developed an online critical path document, promised better communication (I'm not supposed to scream at Eric as much), and we even had a real team meeting. Usually, our team meetings take place at 10:30 pm on Wednesday nights at Chuy's, when we are exhausted after working on the car all night. Also, at least one person in the group is usually mad about something by then, so it's not always very productive and I usually just spend my time shoveling chips and creamy jalapeño sauce into my pie-hole as fast as I can, before nodding-off in my Chicka-Chika-Boom-Boom enchiladas. I think the new team style is much better.

Oh, part of the new style is to update this blog more often. So, look for that to improve as well.


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