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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Audi 90 Revealed!

Our LeMons race car was under our noses all along...and here it is!

She's a beaut! This is Eric's 1990 Audi 90 20V quattro, that has obviously suffered from a botched rhinoplasty. While Ken was driving the car, it unintentionally accelerated into another car. It was a total loss, but Eric bought it back from the insurance company for $350. That's not bad, but it only leaves us $150 to get it put back together again. We haven't done a complete Morbidity & Mortality Report, but we know the frame, tweaked. We are hoping that a Ford F-250, some chain, and a tree will help us un-tweak it. We'll see. Anyway, let's go ahead and run it down:

The Good:
  • It runs.
  • It has quattro and a good aftermarket suspension, so it handles well.
  • It has adequate brakes, so no need to upgrade.
  • It has a large gas tank for a car of its size.
  • It runs.
The Bad:
  • There is severe front-end damage (to what degree isn't fully known).
  • The frame is bent.
  • On a good day, it is very slow.
  • Technically, this car wasn't made in the Unintended Acceleration (UA) years, which sort of kills our theme (but only if you care about stuff like...facts). For that matter, only the Audi 5000 was ever accused of UA, so the Audi 4000 wasn't correct, either. Hell, you didn't really think we would be crazy enough to drive an Audi 5000, did you?
I'm dying to start tearing into this car, but unfortunately, we have to get rid of the two 4000s before we can begin. I'll report on our progress as soon as I can.



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