Countdown: The Last Checkered Flag

Thursday, August 21, 2008

08.21 Progress Report

Okay, I promised I would post more often, so here we go. I'm going to skip most of the narrative this time and just post a photo flood that will catch our fans up to where we are.

The new exhaust. Except for the bracing, this was made with 100% genuine Audi parts, including the cool ovalized tip, which Ken fabricated from an old muffler.

Ryan tries to make the racing seat work with a combination of the stock slider and a custom slider made for a Miata, while Ken consults. I guess Ken was really tired that day. Or, he is super deep in thought about who knows what.

Uh oh.

Jimmy imagineers a McLaren-style center seating position that optimizes chassis weight balance and driver safety. This was after hours in a blazing hot hanger, breathing who-knows-what kind of fumes from stripping sound deadening material from the interior of the car. The team is worried about Jimmy.

Eric welds the inner fender liner back together.

After a long night of work, Ryan chugs a beer, while Eric cheers him on. Actually, the drivers are in training for the race, so it's not really a beer - it's a vitamin water. Now, instead of falling down or getting into a fight, Ryan just goes back to working on the car (except with more B supplements).

Hmmm, must remember to take more pictures of Kang and Andrew.

Bill gets here on Friday and we all know what that means - the whip starts crackin'! We also just took delivery of the new tube bender, so we can finally get started on the rollcage.


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